Dear Friends!
Everyone who knows and trusts me, I am located in Lviv and I do my best to help people who come from all over Ukraine where there is a real war going on. Bombing cities and killing civilians, women and children.

There are a lot of people, mostly women and children, and everyone is working to help them. I give them what they need urgently, vitally (such as hygiene products, baby food, medicines, etc.)

There are also many foundations and volunteers who provide assistance and shelter to all those who are forced to leave their homes. They will help everyone, but they cannot do this quickly, here and now, immediately – and in such moments I provide urgent help and solve their problems.

I have many friends and acquaintances abroad who can and want to help. I get many calls, letters and messages to support us Ukrainians. They transfer funds to me because they trust me, and I help with these and my own funds. If you want to help, here are the details, please transfer without hesitation:

Account number (IBAN)
Account Holder Name

In addition, there are official government accounts to raise funds to support the army and the Ministry of Health.

Please join us, help us. We are a strong country, we will definitely win!

Glory to Ukraine!

Dear Sirs!

My name is Vitaliy Skrypka. I am the founder and head of private automobile company which I run, VicS-Cars, in which I and a number of my colleagues and partners work together closely. For over 20 years I have been working in the automotive industry and for over 10 years I have been importing cars from the EU to Ukraine. Almost every week I buy cars in Europe and arrange their delivery and legal registration in Ukraine. The main markets where I look for in search of cars are Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Denmark.

The main difference between me and other companies in this field is that I almost always buy a car for my client, and not for resale purposes. Meaning I always put my client as my first priority. Before buying, I carefully select vehicles for my clients. I work with my clients thoroughly and I do not hide any information, they are always informed about the real condition of the car and about all the stages that it will go through on the road back to Ukraine, from when I purchase the car, to handing over the keys to client. I provide high quality services, for which I am appreciated and well regarded by my  past clients and even people I have worked with.

I provide the following services to my clients:

  • Search for a car that meets the client’s requirements
  • Checking the service and insurance history of the car
  • Checking the condition of the car; ensuring it is of top quality and to the clients satisfaction
  • Safe delivery of your vehicle to Ukraine
  • Legal registration and registration of the car in Ukraine to ensure the client is on the road with their new vehicle as soon as possible

In Europe I am looking for cars that meet the following requirements:

  • An immaculate service history that can be checked in the bases of car manufacturers documents and vehicle ownership documents
  • Cars in which there was no manipulation or tampering of mileage indicators and cars that were not in serious accidents/floods etc .
  • The technical condition of the car corresponds and matches to the vehicles real mileage.

Thanks to my experience, quality service and positive feedback from past clients, I always have orders coming in for cars and every week I am looking for several cars for my clients with an in depth review of every car the client may be interested in.

One of my main objectives when finding a vehicle abroad is to work closely with reliable sellers in the EU who will meet my working standards. My partners who work with me have a guarantee of correct legal registration and a guarantee in the legal export of purchased cars from the EU to Ukraine, along with financial viability.

Long-term and mutually beneficial partnership takes place with sellers from EU who can provide:

  • Car sale at Net price;
  • Do not hide the shortcomings/faults of the car;
  • Who allow execution of a car sale and purchase agreement immediately to my client by power of attorney from him;
  • Quick refund of the VAT deposit immediately after the car is taken out of the EU.

As a seller, cooperation with me gives you the opportunity to quickly sell your cars and form a partnership. This, for a client, also ensures the highest quality service is provided, which in turn provides a good image for any dealership when top quality cars are sold. I always have many orders from clients for a different variety of cars so you can offer and sell your vehicles before they go up for sale. Such cooperation is very beneficial for any business. I offer my clients options that are not shown to the public yet, which allows you to quickly sell your cars without investing in advertising and freezing your working capital.

I would sincerely invite you to contact me at any time if you wish to arrange a partnership in this field for the future!

My contacts: +380674040077 Phone / WhatsApp / Viber